Mission and Objectives

Mission Statement

The Writing Center makes it our mission to work as a team with the IU Southeast teaching and learning community to assist in student recruitment, retention, and success by providing educated and nurturing writing conversations in one-on-one consultations, workshops, class visits, and website resources that improve the writing knowledge and confidence of our students in all disciplines.

Values Statement

For Students:

The Writing Center values all IU Southeast students who want assistance with writing skills, and we are committed to enabling these students to write with more clarity. We value students who have allowed enough time to complete an assignment and who do their own work, but seek help. For those students, we offer a relaxed atmosphere and a less structured environment.

For Instructors:

The Writing Center values professors who give clear, level-appropriate writing assignments and specify documentation styles. We appreciate professors who recommend our services to students rather than require them to use our services.

Vision Statement

For Students:

Two full-time professional consultants along with student consultants will staff The Writing Center. Any student who needs help with his or her writing will be able to get immediate assistance from the consultants in person, by phone, or by e-mail. The Center wants to take advantage of new technology to help students become improved writers and at the same time encourage a strong relationship with computer services so that updates of technology will not adversely affect classes and students who use the Center.

For Instructors:

The Writing Center will assist instructors in developing level-appropriate writing assignments for their students. The Center’s consultants will visit instructors’ classrooms to conduct workshops or assist in instruction.

For the Center:

The Writing Center itself will be available to instructors who want to use the facilities for computer-aided writing instructions. The classes of writing instructors who most heavily use the Center will be assigned to the classroom that adjoins the Center. The Center has a consultation desk in the new library so students from that part of campus can get immediate assistance with their papers.

The Writing Center (TWC) Learning Outcomes

All IU Southeast students should -
  • Understand that The Writing Center (TWC) provides free writing guidance, with no appointment needed, to students, faculty, and staff.
  • Understand that consultants offer assistance and feedback for all writing projects at any stage of development, from brainstorming topics to thoughts on final drafts.
  • Understand that TWC consultants welcome writers of all backgrounds and abilities.
  • Visit TWC during an FYS orientation in order to better understand the services available.
  • Develop the ability to locate TWC web site with information and resources.
  • Understand that there are many ways to seek writing assistance from TWC:  Live Chat, Skype™, e-mail, telephone, or in-person at either of the two campus locations (KV 208 and Library).
All IU southeast students who have visited TWC should-
  • Understand the value of a writing conversation when creating or revising any document.
  • Realize the importance of preparing for a consultation:  bring assignment sheet or directions, copies of drafts, copies of sources, notes from class, and a positive attitude.
  • Demonstrate self-reliance by choosing which phase of the writing process, which writing skills, and which portions of their writing sample on which to focus during the consultation.
  • Understand and successfully incorporate suggestions offered during a consultation.
  • Identify the main points of discussion raised during the consultation to plan the next steps in the writing process.
  • Distinguish the difference between proofreading and developing the skills to become a stronger writer.
  • Demonstrate ability to locate and apply documentation guidelines as needed.
  • Understand that writing is a process that usually requires multiple drafts.
  • Understand the mission of TWC:  “Stronger writers, not perfect papers.”
  • Gain confidence in completing a range of writing tasks.
All FYS students who attend The Writing Center (TWC) orientation should be able to do the following:
  • Locate basic information about TWC (hours, locations, phone number, and all ways that students can seek a writing conversation in TWC).
  • Understand that writing consultations are free and require no appointment.
  • Explain preparation for and the process of a writing center consultation.
  • Understand how to locate TWC web site and utilize the resources within the different sections.
  • Appreciate that TWC is a place where all students should come for friendly, constructive writing guidance and feedback for all writing projects.
  • Understand the mission of TWC: “Stronger Writers, not Perfect Papers.”