All required courses in the theatre track must be completed with a minimum grade of C. Students may not use correspondence courses in theatre for academic credit. Students may take one theatre course through Metroversity per year, totaling no more than 4 Metroversity credit hours.

Admission to the theatre major is by audition only. This requirement is intended to ensure that interested students have sufficient theatre background to succeed in the discipline. It also allows faculty to evaluate a student's experience before placement in the production program.

  1. THTR-T 115 Oral Interpretation I (or SPCH-C 205 Introduction to Oral Interpretation)
    • THTR-T 120 Acting I
    • THTR-T 220 Acting II or THTR-T 320 Acting III
    • THTR-T 225 Stagecraft I
  2. THTR-T 270 and T 271 Introduction to History of the Theatre I-II in addition to the theatre history course, which satisfies the communication core
    • SPCH-S 325 Voice and Diction
  3. A minimum of 15 credit hours above the 100 level to be completed as follows:
    • A minimum of 6 credit hours from courses in dramatic literature offered by the English department.
    • Nine (9) credit hours must be selected from courses in theatre.
  4. Capstone Experience: Junior-level theatre-track majors within the Department of Communication Studies must schedule a capstone experience through their advisors.
  5. Portfolio: Each senior-level theatre track major within the Communication Studies Department is required to schedule a portfolio review through his or her advisor to assess strengths and weaknesses in area concentration.