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We help students to strive for academic excellence and provide support for students in times of challenge and crisis. In addition to upholding the Code, we also ensure a comprehensive offering of campus programming that fosters a sense of community and holistic student development.

IU Southeast Code Procedures

Student Complaint & Conduct Procedures

Part 1: Student Complaint Procedures

Indiana University Southeast has established procedures for students to follow when they believe that any of their rights, as defined in the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct have been violated by a member of the University community. IU Code can be found at:

Part I establishes the procedures to be followed when a student complaint is filed against a member of the university community. This chart specifies the procedures to be followed when student complaints are filed against university employees, other university students, or student organizations. The campus offices of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Equity & Diversity, Human Resources, and Academic Affairs, as appropriate, will assist students in addressing their complaints.

A. Student Complaint Procedure

The Indiana University Southeast Student ComplaintProcess is located at:

B. Student Complaint Form

The Indiana University Southeast Student Complaint Form is located at:

C. Sexual Misconduct Resources

The Indiana University Southeast Sexual Misconduct Resources is located at:

Part 2: Student Conduct Procedures