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Assessment of Student Learning – Basic students
At specified times in the B.S.N. nursing curriculum student knowledge and
skills are assessed to determine if students are progressing as expected toward
Preliminary Assessment:
Students take this test as part of the admission process.The assessment includes
reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and math. As of spring 2010, the
score from the reading comprehension section will be combined with the nursing
GPA to rank students for admission to nursing.
Intra-curricular Assessments:
Testing occurs periodically during the student’s progression through the program.
Exit Exam:
The final assessment occurs in the fourth year, spring semester.
B.S.N. Program Requirements
The School of Nursing is committed to educating professional nurses and is
obligated to provide safe and effective care to the clients we serve. Students
are expected to be in compliance with program requirements at all times.
Requirements include immunizations, Basic Life Support (CPR), a criminal
background check, and a drug screen.
Immunization Guidelines/Infectious Disease Prevention
Documentation (a physician statement or copy of the medical record) of
immunizations and tuberculosis screening is required to be submitted by all
students on admission to the nursing program.
TB skin test (PPD):
Obtain a PPD tuberculin skin test or present
documentation of chest x-ray or symptom screening. Students must be tested
annually thereafter or submit documentation of symptom screening annually.
MMR vaccine:
Provide proof that they have received the MMR vaccine since
or antibody titer.This does not need to be repeated.
Tetanus and Diptheria:
Immunized within the last 10 years.