Admission Process

  • Please contact (812) 941-2386 for academic advising at HH 108B.
  • Application Deadlines: December 1 and August 1
    • Applications submitted by December 1: Applicant will be considered for the Spring Cohort.
    • Applications submitted by August 1: Applicant will be considered for the Fall Cohort.
  • Candidates accepted into the Special Education Program will be required to complete four major summative decision points.
  • The Elementary Education Program accepts no more than 50 candidates each fall and spring semester. These candidates include both the Special Education Program and the Elementary Education Program.

Admission Requirements

  1. Have an overall GPA of 2.5 or better in each Content area (Language arts, math, social studies, science).
  2. All General Education courses (except COAS S104) and all Additional Program Requirement Courses must have grades of C or better.
  3. All Education courses must have grades of B- or better
  4. Completed Math T101 and F200.
  5. Completed Language Arts Content courses (SPCH-S121, ENG-W 131, 2nd writing, literature or Humanities) with minimum grades of C and minimum overall GPA of 2.5.
  6. Including current enrollment, candidates have a least 51 credit hours towards their General Education courses, Pre-Special Education courses and Additional Program Requirement Courses
  7. Have minimum CASA scores of Math 220, Reading 220, and Writing 220, or a Composite (CO) of 24 on the ACT, or a Total score of 1170 on SAT if taken after 3/1/16 or if taken prior to 3/1/16 a score of 1100 based on Math (MA) and Critical Reading (VE), or Praxis 1 scores of Math 175, Reading 176 and Writing 172 or a combined score of 527 if taken prior to 8/31/2018.

Please see the Bulletin for more detailed information