College degrees at the undergraduate level have three components: general education; the major; and electives. Each of these components makes an important contribution to a student's education. Courses in general education contribute to the development of knowledge and intellectual skills that all college graduates, regardless of their degree, should have. They also add breadth of study by including disciplines outside the major. Courses in the major contribute to the development of knowledge and intellectual skills that are specific to the discipline chosen. Finally, elective courses permit a student to round out a degree based on his or her individual interests. The purpose of this Web site is to describe general education for students who enter Indiana University Southeast in the fall semester, 2013 or thereafter.

In 2012, the Indiana legislature enacted Senate Enrolled Act 182, thereby establishing the requirements for a Statewide Transfer General Education Core of at least 30 credit hours. The statute states that the Core must be based upon a set of competencies in areas agreed upon by the state education institutions.

Effective Fall 2013, IU Southeast instituted the updated Statewide Transfer General Education Core for all incoming students.

General education at IU Southeast includes both campus-wide requirements, which apply to all baccalaureate degrees, and requirements that are specific to each degree. Some degrees have extensive general education requirements of their own, whereas others have relatively few requirements beyond those established by the campus.

This Web site gives you information about the purpose, philosophy and goals of general education, the student learning outcomes for each of the goals, the requirements that students must meet, and the courses that the faculty have approved for meeting those requirements. If you have any questions about general education, you should talk to your academic advisor.

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