Botany Links

DNR: Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Plants in Indiana: Did you know the wildflowers growing in your backyard could be the last few plants of that species in the entire state? The Department of Natural Resources provides a comprehensive list of these disappearing species, some of which are common in Floyd County.

USDA Plants Database: search engine for information about specific plants plus recent developments in agriculture and environmental studies.

Harvard University Botanical Databases: a compilation of resources for botanical research including links to agricultural sites, publications, and much more.

University of Hawaii Botany Department: groupings and descriptions of major plant families with photos of representative species.

The Missouri Botanical Garden hosts the Angiosperm Phylogeny Website that covers the relationships of all flowering plants at the family level.

Families of Flowering Plants by Watson and Dallwitz provides an online key and descriptions to all flowering plant families.

Determination of angiosperm families by Hansen and Rahn is the source from this online family key.

A simple but effective online identification system with pictures of the plant.

Herbarium Article in Indiana University's Homepages.