Degree Tracks

Biochemistry, ACS Certified Track (Bachelor of Science)

The B.A. degree track in Biochemistry is recommended for wanting to go on to medical, dental and other health related pre-professional occupations, and those interested in working in the chemical industry with emphasis biotechnology and pharmaceutics, that would require a strong background in biochemistry.

Chemistry BS - Biochem ACS-Approved - Degree Map Fall 2015 and beyond

Biochemistry Track (Bachelor of Arts)

This program would serve primarily students who plan to either become professional biochemists or pursue other careers that would require a strong background in biochemistry. Those who complete this program may either directly enter the work force in chemical, pharmaceutical, and related industries, or pursue graduate or professional studies. The graduate programs that are most commonly selected include biochemistry, chemistry, biochemical engineering, pharmaceutical sciences, forensic sciences, environmental sciences and toxicology. The professional fields of study include health sciences such as medicine, dentistry, optometry, or other related areas. Students completing this program will receive a certificate from the American Chemical Society.

Chemistry BA - Biochemistry - Degree Map Fall 2015 and beyond

Business Management Track (Bachelor of Arts)

This program is recommended for students who plan to pursue careers in industry, government, law, sales, or other areas where business and administrative skills could enhance success in the field. It could also provide the basis for further studies in either fields of chemistry or business. Graduates of this program will have a seamless transition in the business of science and can earn both the B.A. and an M.B.A. degrees with a five-year full-time enrollment.

Chemistry BA - Business Management - Degree Map Fall 2015 and beyond