Some students may wish to enroll in a course without working for or expecting to receive formal credit. They may enroll as special audit students. New students must be eligible for admission. The application for admission, the application fee, and appropriate academic credentials are required. Students previously enrolled or concurrently enrolled in credit courses may enroll as auditors by informing registration personnel during the registration period or before the first class meeting. Changes to credit and noncredit status are prohibited after the second week of classes (first week of classes in summer sessions), unless approved by the vice chancellor for academic affairs. Fees for audit courses are the same as for credit courses. Courses completed as audits will be entered on the student's transcript with an "NC" notation for "no credit" in place of a grade. The NC notation recorded for an audited course may not be changed subsequent to a regular grade for credit.

Deferred Grade of R

The grade R (Deferred Grade) used on the final grade report indicates that the nature of the course is such that the work of the student can be evaluated only after two or more terms. The grade R is appropriate in thesis and research courses in which the student's work is evaluated when the thesis or research is completed. It may also be used at the end of the first term of a two-term course or a course that overlaps two terms if the course is approved as a Deferred Grade course. The grade R is appropriate only so long as there is work in progress. This procedure will assure the approval of the department and the willingness of the students to take both terms of the course before getting a grade.

The instructor will submit the appropriate grade when the work is completed. If a student drops out of a course before the work is complete, the student must withdraw from both courses.

Unlike the grade of incomplete, the grade of R is not subject to an automatic change to F after one year if the work is not yet completed.


The grade of "I" (Incomplete) indicates that the student has satisfactorily completed the major portion of a course but is prevented by extraordinary circumstances from completing the balance of the course. The grade of "I" will only be given if the instructor has sufficient reason to believe that the failure to complete the requirements of the course was beyond the student's control and that it would be unjust to hold the student to the time limits normally fixed for completion of the required assignments. The grade of "I" should not be awarded simply to exempt a student from paying tuition for a repeated course.

If the instructor does not otherwise act to remove the "I" within 12 months, the Registrar will automatically change the "I" to a "F". Both the student and the instructor in whose course the student received the "I" will be notified of this change of grade.

Students Removing Incompletes

DO NOT REGISTER OR PAY FEES FOR THE COURSE A SECOND TIME. The instructor who assigned the "incomplete" grade has filed a form in the Registrar’s Office that identifies what the student needs to do to remove the "incomplete" grade. The student must contact the instructor if they are repeating a course to remove an "I" grade; the student's name will NOT be on a class roster. When the Incomplete work is finished, the instructor must change the "I" grade to a final grade.

Pass / Fail Option

Any undergraduate student in good academic standing (not on probation) may enroll during the junior and senior years (after 55 or more credit hours) in a maximum of four elective courses to be taken with a grade of P (pass) or F (fail). The Pass/Fail option is open to a maximum of two courses per year, including summer sessions. For this option, the year is defined as August 15 of one year to August 14 of the succeeding year. The course selected for the Pass/Fail option must be an elective, and it must not be a prerequisite course. It may not be used to satisfy any of the general area requirements, nor may it be counted as a part of the student's concentration area. The course or courses may be used to meet the 300- to 400-level course requirement.

As designated in the Academic Handbook, the grades of A, B, C, and D shall be considered as passing (P) under this option. Instructors will not be notified of those registering for this option, but any Pass/Fail option choices will be transmitted to the Office of the Registrar, and the conversion of the instructor's grade into P or F will be made by the registrar.

In order to initiate the Pass/Fail option, students must consult their dean, who is responsible for determining the elective nature of the course and signing the required form. Students must file the completed form at the Office of the Registrar. The Pass/Fail option must be selected within three weeks after enrollment during the regular academic semesters. In no case will the grades A, B, C, or D be substituted at a later time for those courses in which the student elected the Pass/Fail option. In computing grade point averages, the P grade will not be used; an F grade will be used.

Satisfactory / Fail Graded Courses

Certain courses are taught on an "S" (Satisfactory) or "F" (Fail) basis. Everyone in the course receives either "S or F" grades and individual students do not have the option of receiving an "A+ through D-" grade. Courses graded on an S/F basis usually carry a footnote to that effect in the Schedule of Classes.

  • A grade of "S" does not affect the grade point average. A grade of "F" will count like any other failing grade.
  • Credit hours with the "S" grade will count toward graduation.
  • See our Pass/Fail section above to find out more about how a student may request this related grading option which is available to an individual student in a traditionally graded course.

Special Credit / Credit by Examination

Academic departments at IUS on a case-by-case basis, may grant students course credit based on demonstration of proficiency in a particular discipline. A personal skill, talent, job experience or other experiential based proficiency may be considered in the evaluation process.

Each department establishes the appropriate academic standards and methods of evaluation. In general, students may be required to sit for an exam, complete an assignment, audition or provide a portfolio to establish their level of skill. Some departments also may require that a student take additional, typically more advanced, courses in the discipline before awarding the introductory or lower level credit.

In other cases, instead of processing as special credit, the department may simply waive the requirement that the student take that specific course. However, overall degree requirements (total hours) remain and students complete another course in order to satisfy the overall requirements. For more information, contact your school advisor.

Departments generally grade the work "S" for Satisfactory or choose not to award special credit. In exceptional circumstances, an "A" may be awarded if it is deemed outstanding.

If special credit is to be awarded, a Special Credit form is completed by the department awarding the credit. The department will forward the form to the Bursar's Office. The credit is posted to the student's academic record by the Registrar's Office only after the recording fee is paid, the Special Credit form is forwarded to the Office of the Registrar for recording. Check to verify the posting of the grade.

Special Credit appears on the transcript for the semester it was awarded. The heading "Indiana University Special Credit" accompanies the course information and grade.


Unprocessed Special Credit forms expire one month from the date of issue.

Assessment of Fees

Tuition charges for credit earned by examination (special credit) are waived for undergraduate students after their matriculation (first semester registration) at Indiana University Southeast; however, a modest credit hour recording fee is assessed. There will be no recording fees assessed when a student is exempted from a course or requirement when there is no credit awarded.