A Special Commencement Message from Chancellor Ray Wallace

The faculty, administration and staff of IU Southeast are so very proud of the graduating class of 2020. You have demonstrated great resilience and perseverance; characteristics which will take you far in your careers or continued studies. Please celebrate your accomplishments and know how proud I am of all of you. 

A Message From: Ray Wallace, Chancellor Indiana University Southeast

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I would like to start by saying how very proud I am of each and every one of you; the members of the Indiana University Southeast’s Class of 2020.

I can say without a doubt, that your class has overcome more disruption than any other class to date. The past couple months have truly been a challenge, but a challenge for which you have risen. That bodes well for you and our community at large because your class, above any previous class, is now prepared for anything that comes your direction. I am honored to have you represent this institution in the community, at your future employer’s place of business or at other institutions of higher education.

I know the postponement of our commencement ceremony has been very disappointing to you. It is a disappointment to me, as commencement is my favorite day of the year. So, let’s go back to a happier time. A time four years ago in the fall, when you first arrived at IU Southeast. Yes, yes, yes, I realize that for some of you, that arrival was likely longer than four years ago, and for a small number of you over-achievers, less than four years, but let us just settle on that four-year number for simplicity.

Four years ago, you all arrived early one morning, assembled in the Activities Building for a ceremony not unlike commencement. It was Induction Day, my second favorite day of the year. Most of you were anxious and nervous about what was to lie ahead, but you were there to charge ahead and explore your new life as a college student, preparing for your future life at Indiana University Southeast.

I may have had you do something silly, like “the wave”, and told you to dump your current girlfriend or boyfriend. Some of you rightly did that. Next you assembled with your classmates and progressed up the hill to the rousing welcome of our excellent faculty and staff. Little did you know how vitally important these people, the faculty, and staff of IU Southeast, would become in your ultimate success and arrival here today as a graduate. If you get a chance, send an email or two to the people on campus who made a difference, I know they would love to hear from you.

Over the past four years we have had a lot of fun together , and you have worked very hard to achieve your dreams. The dreams of being a college graduate. For nearly one-third of you, this dream is also the dream of your parents and family, as you are the first in your family to obtain a college diploma. A special congratulations to you for this well-earned achievement.

So here we are ; commencement day. Your day of achievement, your day to be proud. I am proud of you all.

Grenadiers by our very definition we are fighters, and this class has embodied the spirit of perseverance, flexibility, and patience. You are this region’s next leaders, next innovators, and next creative minds. You are our dreamers. You are our doers. You are our future.

I hope that you are honored and proud to receive your IU degree. I hope you have enjoyed your time at this exceptional institution of higher learning, and I hope you share your experiences with others who could benefit from it.

Thank you and congratulations, IU graduates.

Though we're apart, we can still celebrate graduation together online!

2020 IU Southeast Seniors Give Advice to their Freshmen Selves

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One thing I would tell my freshman self would be don't be afraid to fail. That's not to say you should enjoy failing, but it's inevitable. So when you do fail, just learn from your mistakes and then move on from them. Become involved in as much as you can. Don't be afraid to ask for help or to change a major. Make new friends and serve as a mentor to those who were once in your shoes. If I could tell my freshman self one thing, it would be to enjoy it while it lasts because it will go by faster than you think.  These next four years, you’ll grow more than you ever have before, so take the time to discover who you are. Get involved, do your best, and you will succeed. Connect with your professors. At IU Southeast, the professors are supportive, insightful, and personable, and it's up to you to create a relationship with them. One thing I would tell my freshman self is to keep the faith. By keeping the faith, it allows you the courage and momentum to keep going to become a rewarding, successful college student. 

Congratulations IU Southeast Class of 2020!

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Congratulations IU Southeast Class of 2020 

Congratulations, Class of 2020. You're a graduate, in the midst of the tough times of COVID-19. I'm proud of you. We are so proud of your impressive achievement. Congratulations to all of you. Congratulations, graduates. We wish you all the best in your post-graduation endeavors. I'd like to say welcome to our newest alumni and congratulations. Congratulations on your graduation. Enjoy this huge accomplishment, you've earned it, best wishes. You finished strong. You finished IU strong. You finished proud. We celebrate you for completing your studies during these challenging times. Congratulations. Congratulations to my students and for all the graduates. I'm so happy for you. Congratulations to all the graduating students. I just wanted to say congratulations to you. We are so proud of you on this accomplishment. We at IUS are proud that you've crossed the finish line in these unprecedented times. My heartiest congratulations to you for graduating this summer and completing your journey. I wish you all the very best for your futureCongratulations. And now it's time to move it on over. 

919Total Graduates

33.5%First-Generation Students

939Total degrees earned

32Indiana counties represented

9States represented

18Countries represented

Outstanding students

Brennen Goodin

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Hi everybody, I'm Brennen Goodin, Political Science major and Class of 2020. I just wanted to take a moment here to thank our campus for how wonderful it is. I enjoy going to school every day and getting to see our amazing faculty and our department and I just wanted to take a moment here especially to thank the amazing political science department that we had at IU Southeast.

I am truly honored to have been able to take at least one class with every single professor in our department. I especially want to thank all of the political science professors: Dr. Staten, Dr. Abshire, Dr. Wrzenski, Dr. Morgan, and Dr. Wert.

I have been truly enjoyed getting to know all of our professors in our department and I truly feel honored to have been able to take classes with all of them. Thanks.

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