Academic Advising Report (AAR)

Academic Credit Report

This report is a summary of how transfer work from other institutions was accepted into the IUS curriculum. [Work taken at other IU campuses is part of the Indiana University official transcript and is not considered "transfer work."] The Academic Credit Report is accessed through One.IU under "My Academics and Grades." Find "Transfer, Test, Other Credit, click the link: View Academic Credit Report.

AAR (Academic Advising Report)

The AAR is an on-line, dynamic report, accessed through One.IU. The report analyzes, on demand, course credits earned to date (transfer, test, IU coursework) and applies requirements based on your declared major or intended major. The resulting report shows credit applied to requirements and requirements still needed to complete the degree.

The AAR (Academic Advising Report) is also a tool one can use to find a list of courses that will meet the general education requirements.

  1. Go to One.IU My Academics
  2. Select “View My Advisement Report”
  3. Select the Institution (i.e. Southeast)
  4. Select the Academic Program
  5. Select the Report Type; click Process Report

The resulting report will begin with an advising transcript, summarizing all transfer, test, and other credit; as well as a semester by semester listing of all courses completed at IUS and other IU campuses. Mid-way through the report, it will display General Education Requirements, showing how courses already completed fulfill certain requirements; and displaying grids of course options that will fulfill other requirements.


There is a "What-If" component to this module which allows you to see how credit earned would apply to a different major. Go to One.IU, My Academics and under the Advising banner, click on "What-If Advisement Report." [At this same location, you may also view your "unofficial" transcript, Academic Credit Report, or Grades.

AAR Brochure

Academic Planner (iGPS Plan)

The Academic Planner (iGPS Plan) allows you to plan out your entire IUS academic career, semester-by-semester; preserve that plan in your on-line student center; adjust and amend it as information changes; and ease your registration.

Although administrators can view what you have placed in your planner, only you, using your unique IUS username and passphrase can change the contents.

The Academic Planner (iGPS Plan) in can be accessed via One.IU.