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Student Engagement Roster (SER)

What is the Student Engagement Roster?

The Student Engagement Roster (SER) is a tool that allows your instructors to provide feedback throughout the semester about your academic performance (including class attendance, participation, performance on homework and exams, and other factors). This feedback is available to you, your academic advisors, and administrative personnel.

The SER is a new tool that will completely replace the FLAGS system by Fall 2018. Some instructors have already transitioned to the SER, but you should be aware that many instructors are still be using FLAGS during the Spring 2018 semester.

How do I know if I have feedback from my instructor?

You should check to see if you have feedback every week or two to make sure that you’re on track in your classes. Because IUS instructors are using both FLAGS and the SER this semester, you should check both systems.

How to view your Student Engagement Roster:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Type “student engagement roster” into the search bar and select the “Student Engagement Roster (student)” task. You may want to favorite this task.

How to view your FLAGS:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Type "View Grades" into the search bar and choose the "View Grades" task. You may want to favorite this task.
  3. Choose the current semester (if more than one is offered).
  4. The section labeled "Performance Roster" lists your current classes, along with any FLAGS feedback submitted for you.

What should I do if I have feedback?

Instructors may provide feedback for an array of reasons. Your feedback might affirm that you are doing great work in your class. If so, wonderful! Keep working hard to be successful in the course.

Your feedback might also alert you to a concern your instructor has about your academic performance. Please be assured that your instructor has not submitted this feedback to scold you! It means that your instructor wants to make sure you know about any problems that exist so that you can correct them.

Often, your SER or FLAGS feedback will include suggestions on how you can improve your performance. For example, your feedback might say “Contact Academic Advisor” or “Visit Math Lab.” Our website, Succeed at IU Southeast, can help you locate information about how to follow up on these suggestions as well as how to take advantage of other resources on campus meant to aid you in achieving success.

You are highly encouraged to reach out to your instructor if you have any questions regarding the feedback you received or about any actions you may need to take to maintain a satisfactory grade in the course.