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CDC Internship Module

An Indiana University Southeast Internship is an educational experience related to a student’s degree program and career plan which allows the student to apply what he/she has learned to real work situations. An Internship involves a student, an employer supervisor and a sponsor of the university.

Learning objectives are established by the faculty member, student, and employer and then recorded in an official Learning Agreement. The program does not allow for the employer supervisor and the sponsor of the university to be the same individual.

An Internship may be a paid or unpaid experience and a student may earn from zero to six academic credit hours (depending on the number of hours worked per week). It is necessary for the internship to be registered through Career Development Center in order for it to appear on the student’s transcript.

To Qualify for the Internship Program

  • Enrolled IU Southeast student
  • 2.5 minimum cumulative GPA, 2.7 Business majors (if earning academic credit)
  • Junior or senior pursuing a Bachelor degree
  • Submit a resume in CareerLink
  • Schedule a mock interview appointment and pay the $10.00 fee


  • Minimum 14 weeks in length – dates do not have to coincide with the semester dates
  • Minimum of 8 work hours per week
  • Must meet the minimum requirements to earn credit hours for an internship.
  • Credit must be on-going and can not be retroactive
  • Internship credit hours are subject to current tuition rates
  • Consult with an advisor to determine what degree requirements internship credit will fulfill
  • All internships appear on a student’s transcript for zero credit, S/F grading
  • Credit hours are determined by hours worked per week, see table below:

Internship Credit

Hours Worked
Per Week
Total Hours
1 8-10 112
2 11-15 154
3 16-22 224
4 23-30 322
5 31-35 434
6 36-40 504