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Career Development Center

Live your dream and let your degree work for you. The Career Development Center is here to help IU Southeast students and alumni secure satisfying career opportunities. Explore your options for a career and find tools to help you get there. Call or stop in today and begin your journey towards a satisfying career!

What Can I Do With A Major In?

Your major is not your career. Of course it can be.

A chemistry major can become a chemist, a history major can become an historian. But it is much more likely that your career choices will be enormously varied, and not tied to a specific major at all.

The 21st century workplace will challenge you to have many different jobs and most probably multiple careers. Your major will provide you a broad range of skills which will enable you to stay marketable in the fast-changing work world.

As you explore majors, be sure and take advantage of the following areas: college course bulletin, professors, upperclassmen, college alumni, family, friends and your Career Development Center Networking Program -- most importantly, don't panic! We're here to help.

In addition to the majors listed at the right, IU Southeast offers a number of certificate programs and academic minors to help students round out or expand their academic profile.

Learn more about majors and careers and the process of self discovery: