The campus is committed to the development and maintenance of a system for well-oriented, ongoing strategic planning that integrates resource allocation, accountability, and planning at all levels. The following six goals in the institutional Strategic Plan for 2016 - 2021 are as follows:

Goal 1: Promote Academic and Artistic Excellence in a Global Context

IU Southeast will uphold a commitment to quality teaching and student learning; become a leader in the scholarship of teaching and learning; foster an environment that supports scholarly activity and creative work for the development of faculty and students; and promote global learning initiatives.

Goal 2: Improve Student Recruitment, Persistence, and Success Rates

IU Southeast will attract and retain a highly motivated, well-prepared, and diverse student population; expand recruitment strategies to increase high school transfer student yields; strengthen existing relationships and seek new partnerships with regional and state public and private schools (K-12) and community colleges; and initiate or improve campus strategies that enhance opportunities for student success.

Goal 3: Enhancing the Enrolled Student Experience

IU Southeast will provide a smooth transition to campus through an enriched support system for student success; improve the quality of student life and services to support and enhance student completion; implement engaging and innovative learning experiences that increase opportunities for success among students; and ensure a high-quality Residence Life and Housing Program that facilitates leadership development, service learning, academic success, retention, and graduation.

Goal 4: Create Structures that Enable Faculty and Staff to Thrive

IU Southeast will enrich its teaching mission by strengthening the teacher-scholar model for faculty engagement; recruit and retain high-quality faculty and academic support staff; recognize and support employees as our greatest resource; develop and nurture diverse, mutually beneficial relationships between the campus and the community; strategically grow financial resources to enhance and support the faculty and staff; and effectively manage and steward financial and physical resources to maximize transparency and benefit to campus stakeholders.

Goal 5: Increase Community Engagement and Economic Development

IU Southeast will establish and nurture partnerships that expand economic development opportunities; prepare graduates to meet workforce needs and the challenges of a rapidly changing job market; develop and support a climate of innovation; promote civic engagement; enhance cultural enrichment and “quality of place” activities; and develop and implement personal enrichment programs to engage youth (17 and younger) as lifelong learners.

Goal 6: Implement and Utilize Technology to Advance the Overall Mission of the Institution

IU Southeast will implement and maintain an appropriate technology infrastructure to provide state of the art access to all our constituents; deploy and maintain appropriate technology to meet institutional teaching and learning objectives and research and creative activities; and better utilize technology to more effectively communicate the opportunities, presence, and strategic direction of the campus.

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