Media and Public Relations

One of the prime functions of the Office of Marketing & Communications is to keep the public informed about the mission, programs, and activities of Indiana University Southeast. It is important that the general public have an accurate perception of the nature of this campus. To accomplish this, the Office of Marketing & Communications produces and distributes many news releases pertaining to individuals, programs, and activities at IU Southeast. The office also coordinates contacts with the electronic, television, and print media. Opportunities for feature stories are suggested to media reporters and referrals are made to campus personnel who are able to provide in-depth information needed by reporters to develop these stories.

While any member of the campus community has a right to express an opinion in public, it is important to realize that only the Chancellor has the authority to speak for the campus. The Chancellor delegates some authority to the Office of Marketing & Communications, which serves as the source of official information concerning the campus. When other campus offices or departments deal with the media it is important that they check first with the Office of Marketing & Communications to be certain that facts provided to reporters are accurate, e.g., enrollment figures, alumni data, state appropriations, etc. The central voice for the campus in matters of public interest is the Office of Marketing & Communications.

From time to time, schools, divisions, and departments may sponsor programs or hold special events that might warrant coverage by the news media. When this occurs, they are asked to provide University Communications staff with detailed information about the program or event well in advance. This information is most welcome and may be distributed to the media. It should be remembered, however, that final decisions regarding the use of information are decided by media editors and news directors, not campus personnel.

In addition to the above, the Office of Marketing & Communications strives to acquaint the public as well as the campus community with opportunities and activities at IU Southeast. For the faculty, staff, and the campus community, a magazine titled IU Southeast is distributed quarterly. It contains feature stories and campus news, including faculty research and outstanding student stories.


The marketing function in the Office of Marketing & Communications is vital to student recruitment and image building. Marketing is vital to a number of departments on campus. The responsibility and authority to purchase advertising, develop print pieces, and coordinate marketing activity resides solely in the Office of Marketing & Communications.  All major marketing pieces such as bill boards, new ads, commercials, magazines and other printed materials will be presented for approval to the campus Cabinet.

Representatives from various campus units are appointed by the Chancellor to sit on the Marketing Advisory Committee. This committee assists the Office of Marketing & Communications.

Marketing Advisory Committee

The Marketing Committee advises the Office of Marketing & Communications on appropriate planning, development, and implementation of marketing efforts and helps to strengthen relationships between University Communications and campus offices/schools by informing faculty and staff of new marketing efforts.


Planning, development, and placement of University advertising is the responsibility of the Office of Marketing & Communications. Schools, divisions, and departments may pay for ads from their own budgets, but the design, copy, and placement (media where the ad is placed) of these advertisements must approved in advance by the Office of Marketing & Communications. Use of the IU Southeast logo or wordmark on advertisement or print piece, in any form, must be approved by the Office of Marketing & Communications. The campus seeks to maintain a unified, coordinated, and consistent image in style and content that speaks to the high quality and mission of the institution. On-campus advertisement of alcohol and tobacco products is not permitted.

IU Graphic Standards Guide and Style Guide

Indiana University adopted the Visual Identity Guidelines in 2008 to strengthen the IU brand through consistent use of images, messages, and trademarks. The guidelines create a Signature System designed to facilitate consistent design and application of official identification. The Signature System is intended for official communication and may be used on commercial or promotional products if the Signature fits.

Copies are available in the IU Southeast Office of Marketing & Communications. For additional assistance or information on IU and IU Southeast graphics and style, contact the Office of Marketing & Communications.

The Office of Marketing & Communications is located in University Center South, room 202, and can be reached at (812) 941-2630.