Policy and Procedure Statement

Responsible Office
Office of the Chancellor

Responsible Administrator
Barbara A. Bichelmeyer, Interim Chancellor

Policy Contact
Jenny Johnson Wolf, Special Assistant to Chancellor and Director, Office of Communications

Effective date
December 1, 2013

Last updated
December 1, 2013

Sponsorship Record Form


All sponsorships by academic or administrative units of Indiana University Southeast must be compliant with all applicable policies of Indiana University and Indiana University Southeast.

Any unit may use its own funds to sponsor organizations, events, and activities as long as a “Sponsorship Record” is submitted to the Office of the Chancellor and compliance with all applicable policies is ensured.

If a unit receives a request specifically for campus-level sponsorship (sponsorship by Indiana University Southeast), the request must be submitted to the Office of the Chancellor to be considered for sponsorship.

Additionally, if a unit receives a request for which unit funds are not sufficient or available, a request may be submitted to the Office of the Chancellor to be considered for sponsorship.

The criteria and procedure outlined below will be used by the Office of the Chancellor when considering such requests.


Donation/contribution – Financial gift to an external organization. Donations and contributions are not permitted using university funds. (See IU Policy FIN-ACC-I-80.)

Sponsorship – Financial or in-kind support to an event, organization or activity that is given in exchange for acknowledgement, recognition or promotion.

Sponsorship expense object code 4880 – Includes payments to external entities such as community or charitable organizations for the purposes of donation, acknowledgment, event participation or attendance. Although the goal of the sponsorship may include some recognition/acknowledgement for the university or a specific unit, the sponsorship object code should be used if the money goes to an organization whose main mission is not public relations or advertising. For example, purchasing a table for a non-profit event in a local community may result in the university being acknowledged in a program book for its sponsorship of the event. In this case, the event should be reported on the sponsorship object code. However if the university or unit of the university purchases an ad in a publication by the non-profit then this is to be considered advertising and would be reported under the current advertising object code (4802).

Policy Statement

As a public institution, Indiana University Southeast and its representatives often receive requests to sponsor external events or organizations. When considering such requests, campus administrators must be compliant with all relevant university, state, and federal rules and regulations. Additionally, administrators must be mindful of campus priorities, and must coordinate between and among units to facilitate prudent fiscal stewardship. Administrators also have an obligation to protect the name and reputation of Indiana University and IU Southeast, to limit liability, and maintain a level of decorum suitable for a distinguished academic institution. Therefore, decisions regarding the nature and scope of sponsorship activities must be made in a strategic and coordinated manner.

As a regional campus of Indiana University, the mission of IU Southeast involves, in part, engagement with the civic and professional organizations, events, and activities of the community. Sponsorships are valuable and important ways in which IU Southeast demonstrates engagement in the life of the region.

In addition to relevant university and campus policies, criteria that will be used by the Office of the Chancellor when considering approval of funding for sponsorships include:

  • value and appropriateness of the proposed association, specifically:
    • event directly ties into campus mission of educating students in the region, or other priorities of campus;
    • high-impact community event,
    • campus has historical tie,
    • someone significant to campus has a major role (is being honored, for example) in event,
    • absence of campus would be conspicuous,
  • reciprocity of relationship with other community or regional organizations;
  • public perception of the sponsorship;
  • reasonableness of the expenditure for the sponsorship arrangement;
  • internal coordination of sponsorship across various institutional units.


  1. Invitations for Indiana University Southeast to sponsor special events come into all offices on campus.
    1. A unit may use its own funds to sponsor organizations, events, and activities as long as the following conditions are met:
      1. a “Sponsorship Record” is submitted to the Office of the Chancellor,
      2. compliance with all applicable policies is ensured.
    2. In order to be considered for campus-level sponsorship of an event, the receiving office must forward the invitation to the Office of the Chancellor within three business days of receiving the request, including:
      1. Date-stamp the invitation,
      2. Include envelope or other information identifying receiver of request and office contact.
  2. Within one week of receipt, Office of Chancellor staff complete a “Campus Sponsorship Approval Form” to review request and determine fit with criteria for sponsorship:
    1. If request does not fit with criteria for sponsorship, decline request -
      1. Record invitation, date, reason for declining, on Campus Memberships and Sponsorships spreadsheet (located on Office of Chancellor server space),
      2. Email Requesting Office and copy Office of Development with notice of decision,
      3. Write regrets letter and mail it to rsvp contact and address.
    2. If request fits criteria for sponsorship, request is put on agenda of Office of Chancellor Budget Committee for review:
      1. If request is not a funding priority or exceeds available funds, request is returned to Chancellor’s staff to follow procedure for declining request (Step 2a).
      2. If request is identified as funding priority, Chancellor staff work with Development staff to identify funding source (Step 3 below).
  3. For approved sponsorships, at least two weeks prior to the event, Chancellor staff and Development staff determine type of sponsorship requested:
    1. If campus receives no recognition in return for sponsorship –
      1. Request is processed as ticketed event or activity,
      2. Event or activity must be funded from a Foundation account per Development Officer discretion,
      3. Request is processed as outlined in Step 4 below.
    2. If campus receives recognition for sponsorship –
      1. Choose level of sponsorship,
      2. Funding for request is earmarked from Campus Memberships and Sponsorships account,
      3. Complete online application (,
      4. When form is approved, issue a purchase order for sponsorship,
      5. Send request to IU Southeast Office of Communications to create any design or logo required for sponsorship recognition,
      6. vRequest is processed as outlined in Step 4 below.
  4. For approved sponsorships, at least 10 days prior to the event, Chancellor staff and Development staff:
    1. Notify original requesting office of approval,
    2. Notify organization of IU Southeast support per RSVP guidance on invitation,
    3. Strategically invite guests to attend event:
      1. Determine Chancellor’s attendance at event,
      2. Invite attendance of campus leaders,
      3. Office of Development assigns table host for event,
      4. Invite Board of Advisors to attend event,
      5. Invite campus benefactors to attend event.
    4. Five days prior to event, confirm attendance to ensure full table.
  5. Day after event, Office of Chancellor staff:
    1. Check with table host to review details of event,
    2. Record event on Sponsorship spreadsheet and save on Office of Chancellor server –
      1. Note names of those invited and those who attended,
      2. Note cost of sponsorship,
      3. Note any relevant comments from table host.
  6. Twice annually (January and July), Office of Chancellor staff and Office of Development staff meet with Office of Chancellor Budget Committee to review sponsorship criteria, sponsored events, funds and expenditures, and procedure to make recommendations for changes.


Related Indiana University policies and guidelines include:

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