The IU Southeast Parking Regulations, a complete statement on motor vehicle, bicycle, and traffic regulations for regional campuses, is available from the University Police Office; any questions about parking should be addressed to that office. These regulations were approved by the IU Board of Trustees and apply to members of the academic community as well as to visitors to the campus.

Parking Permits:

In order to construct, operate, and maintain adequate parking for vehicles at the campus, the Board of Trustees have approved a paid parking plan. Five different types of parking areas are identified in this plan:

  • Faculty/Staff Blue Permit Area - faculty & staff - appointed, adjunct, or part-time; students - employed greater than 50% FTE
  • Student Red Permit Area - any student
  • Disabled Person Permit Area - approval through University Police or Disabled Student Services
  • Permit Dispensers & Metered Parking - for visitors to the campus and those who forget their regular Permits
  • Free Parking Area - for anyone

The parking areas are regulated, and it is necessary for persons utilizing these facilities to pay the appropriate fee and to properly display a parking permit on their vehicle. The parking areas have been color-coded to match the color of the permit assigned and it is expected that motorists will park in the appropriate areas.


The current fee schedule and general regulations are published on the University Police website. Fines collected for parking or traffic violations are placed in a scholarship fund.

Visitor Parking:

Faculty and staff members who invite guests to campus should make arrangements for their parking (i.e., temporary permits or utilization of meters). Temporary permits are available by the day or week. The permit dispensers in the parking lots offer daily permits. Daily and weekly permits may also be purchased at the University Police Office.

Visitor parking areas (meters) are located in the Evergreen East and West, and Dogwood parking lots. These spaces are not to be utilized by faculty, staff, or students who have a semester or annual permit displayed.

Daily Permit - $1.00

Weekly Permit - $5.00

Additional information regarding parking on campus is available on the University Police website.

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