The Accounts Payable department (A/P) is responsible for scheduling payment for all invoices after a department processes a purchase requisition and after Purchasing issues an IU Southeast purchase order. When an invoice is received and scheduled for payment, an IU Southeast check request is generated by Accounts Payable and forwarded to the department for their records. If a department determines that an invoice should not be paid, Accounts Payable must be notified at least one day in advance of the scheduled payment date in order for A/P to put a “Hold” or “Stop Payment”.

IU requires vendors to mail the invoice directly to Accounts Payable in the Office of Procurement Services (not to the department). The invoice must be on the vendor letterhead and reference the purchase order number assigned by IU. This procedure will assure the vendor of payment in a timely manner, and should greatly reduce the number of inquiries departments may receive from vendors. In those rare cases when a department receives the invoice, the department should reference a purchase order number and send it immediately to A/P.

If an invoice is sent to Accounts Payable and does not reference a purchase order number, Accounts Payable will return the invoice to the vendor. Accounts payable must have a purchase order number on the invoice to allow it to be paid. A/P's top priority is to pay all vendors in a timely manner, and the on-line purchasing system that is utilized to pay invoices cannot generate a payment without a valid purchase order number.

“Check enclosed” applies only to those vendors who require having their payment in-hand before they will ship goods or render services, or occasionally for professional memberships. Most reputable vendors do not require a check before shipping goods or providing services. If a vendor requests payment in advance, this request must be communicated to the Purchasing department. In these rare circumstances, documentation with exact pricing must be provided by the vendor and must accompany the initiator's purchase requisition or APO when it is submitted. Any orders that do meet these criteria will not be processed as “check enclosed”.

A/P's role is to schedule checks for payment to vendors, but A/P does not issue checks to vendors. Accounts Payable enters the information into the EPIC system and schedules the payment to be made. The actual check is printed and mailed to the vendor by Financial Management Support (FMS) at IU Bloomington. The only exception is when the initiator requests a payment to have the status of “check enclosed”. This procedure requires A/P to request FMS support to mail the check directly to A/P and not the vendor. This procedure can take up to seven working days for completion. Accounts Payable then mails the check to the vendor with the vendor copy of the purchase order and all attachments. Questions related to accounts payable transactions should be directed to IU Accounts Payable Department at (812) 855-4004.

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