Degree Information

The degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Business as stated in the 2015-2017 Bulletin are provided below.

Degree Program Admission Requirements

In order to gain admission to the School of Business a student must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and must obtain a 2.3 (C+) average on the following four courses:

All courses are 3 credit hours and require a minimum grade of C- unless otherwise noted.

Dept./ Course # Title Co-Reqs or Pre-Reqs
ENG-W 131

Elementary Composition

Min. grade: C

ECON-E 201 Intro to Microeconomics Test into or completion of MATH-M 102 or completion of MATH-M 117 or higher
BUS-A 201 Introduction to Accounting I

Completion of MATH-M 102/MATH-M 117 or Test into MATH-M 122 or higher

12 Cr. Hrs.

University Credit Hour and Residency Requirements

All Baccalaureate degrees offered by IU Southeast requires a minimum of 120 credit hours and a minimum of 30 credit hours of upper-level coursework (300-level or above). No more than 64 credit hours earned in accredited junior/community colleges may be applied toward a Baccalaureate degree. The University Residency Requirement dictates that students must complete no less than 26 credit hours at IU Southeast during their senior year and no less than 10 credit hours of coursework in the major field of study.

Department of Business Residency Requirements

General Education Component

Note: This is not a re-statement of the University's General Education Requirement but a list of specific General Education courses that are also requirements or pre-requisites for course work in the school/major.

All courses are 3 credit hours and require a minimum grade of C- unless otherwise noted.

Dept./ Course # Title Co-Reqs or Pre-Reqs

ENG-W 231
ENG-W 234

Professional Writing Skills

Technical Report Writing

ENG-W 131 or HON-H 103 with C or better
SPCH-S 121

Public Speaking

Min. grade: D-

P or C: ENG-W 131
MATH-M 119 Brief Survey of Calculus

MATH-M 122 with at least a C-

or test into MATH-M 119

PSY-P 101

Introduction to Psychology

Min. grade: D-


General Education Core Requirements

All IU Southeast Baccalaureate degrees require 30 credit hours of General Education Core coursework. Students must select a course(s) to satisfy each category listed below. View the list of courses that satisfy the General Education Core requirements.

  • Information Literacy (1 credit)
  • Written Communications I (3 credits)
  • Written Communications II (3 credits)
  • Oral Communications (3 credits)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (3 credits)
  • Ethical Reasoning/Diversity (3 credits)
  • Natural Sciences (one lecture – 3 credits, one lab – 2 credits)
  • Arts/Humanities(3 credits)
  • Social Science(3 credits)
  • General Education Additional Requirement (Art, Humanities, or Social Science) (3 credits)

Please note that several courses required for your Major may “double dip” with the general education core courses.

View a list of current course offerings.

Bachelor of Science in Business Requirements

Core Program

The Business Core consists of 47 credit hours of general business and economics courses that must be completed with a minimum grade of C- in each course:

All courses are 3 credit hours and require a minimum grade of C- unless otherwise noted.

Dept./ Course # Title Co-Reqs or Pre-Reqs
ECON-E 201 Introduction to Microeconomics Test into MATH-M 102/MATH-M 117 or higher
ECON-E 202 Introduction to Macroeconomics ECON-E 201
BUS-A 201 Introduction to Accounting I

Completion of MATH-M 102/ MATH-M 117 or higher

12 Cr. Hrs.

BUS-A 202 Introduction to Accounting II BUS-A 201
BUS-K 201 Computer in Business CSCI-C 106 and either BUS-A 201 or ECON-E 201
BUS-L 201 Legal Environment of Business None
BUS-X 220

Career Perspectives

Credit Hours: 1

(Must be completed in first 60 Cr. Hrs.)

ECON-E 280 Applied Statistics for Business 1

Math-M 122, BUS-K 201

ECON-E 281

Applied Statistics for Business 2

(Must be completed in first 80 Cr. Hrs.)

*May be taken concurrently if student earned a B in MATH-M 122

BUS-K 201, ECON-E 280, *Math-M 119
BUS-F 301 Financial Management

Eng-W 231, SPCH-S 212, CSCI-C 106, ECON-E 201, BUS-A 202

45 Cr. Hrs.

BUS-K 321 Management of Information Technology ENG-W 231, SPCH-S 121, BUS-K 201, ECON-E 280
BUS-M 301 Introduction to Marketing Mangement

ENG-W 231, SPCH-S 121, ECON-E 202

45 Cr. Hrs.

BUS-P 301 Operations Mangement

ENG-W 231, SPCH-S 121, ECON-E 280

45 Cr. Hrs.

BUS-W 100 Principles of Business Administration


BUS-Z 302 Managing & Behavior in Organizations

ENG-W 231, SPCH-S 121, PSY-P 101

45 Cr. Hrs.

BUS-J 401

Administrative Policy (Capstone)

(Must be taken by graduating seniors in last semester.

Authorization must be obtained from a School of Business Academic Advisor.)

BUS-F 301, BUS-K 231, BUS-M 301, BUS-P 301, BUS-Z 302

Sr. Standing Last Semester

Concentration Requirement

In addition to the business core and general-education component, students must select and complete a concentration. To complete a double concentration, students must complete all required courses for both concentrations, and at least 12 credit hours must be distinct to each. See concentration links in the box on the right.