Page 5 - Transformations The Diversity Academy Magazine for IU Southeast Faculty

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1. What fellowship
opportunities are available
to faculty at IU Southeast
through the academy?
As the academy budget evolves, it
will put out a call for proposals for
one-and two-semester fellowships
for teaching, research, and service
pertinent to its mission and vision.
The fellowship will pay for three
hours re-assigned time a semester to
complete accepted proposals.
The next call will occur in 2012 for
a two-semester service fellowship in
spring and fall 2013. This person
will serve as Visiting Assistant
Director of the academy, to assist
with planning and implementing
the academy’s first state diversity
conference in November 2013.
The conference rotates every third
year between Ball State University,
Indiana State University, and IU
2. What are the
requirements for and
benefits of participating
in a Faculty Learning
Faculty may either be invited by
the academy (as in 2011) or may
volunteer (for 2013-14) to form a
working group of faculty to study
teaching and learning around a
diversity-related topic.
Members attend eight to nine
seminar sessions annually on
a Friday (12-2:30 p.m.). The
academy provides a facilitator well-
versed in the topic who designs a
curriculum of study. Participants
do reading and writing assignments
to bring to each session to advance
their own progress.
In the first semester, each
participant learns how to become
teachers in the subject area
and designs a unit of study for
transformative implementation in a
specific course the next term.