Page 26 - Pre-Nursing Handbook Flip

Course Time Limit
Knowledge and competencies developed in courses that fulfill the requirements
for anatomy, physiology, microbiology, statistics, and life span development
are considered to be time-limited for individuals pursuing an undergraduate
Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. If any of these courses were taken more
than seven (7) years prior to admission to the nursing undergraduate degree,
the program applicant must validate the related knowledge and competencies
through testing, portfolio, or repeating the course to be eligible for admission
and/or progression.
The Registered Nurse student pursuing a B.S.N. degree is exempt from
this policy.
Transfer Courses
Students wishing to transfer required course work from a university other than
Indiana University must be in good academic standing at that university and
have achieved a grade of C (2.0) or higher in courses for which transfer is
being requested.
Students with “undistributed” transfer hours or course equivalencies and/or
substitutions may request approval from the APG (Admissions, Progression,
Graduation) committee to use the course(s) in the application (see your
academic advisor). Undistributed courses are courses transferred from another
academic institution that are not IU Southeast-equivalent courses, however, the
student is granted credit for the course on the credit transfer report.
The Admission, Progression, Graduation (APG) committee reviews the student
request to approve or deny credit as appropriate. Procedure:
a. The student submits a written request on the Course Approval Form to
the APG committee to approve the undistributed course, specifically noting
the general education or nursing requirement the course is to meet.
b. Attach the course syllabus with goals and objectives or the course description
from the transferring school. This information may be obtained from an
official website or college bulletin from the transferring academic
c. The APG committee responds to the student in writing. If approved, the
academic advisor applies the course to the student’s degree plan.