Page 23 - Student Handbook Flip

B.S.N. Requirements and Registering for Nursing Classes
In order to register for nursing classes, authorization must be granted from the
School of Nursing. Effective fall 2011 annual requirements must be up-to-date
and current for the entire academic year in which the student is enrolling before
the student can be authorized. Annual requirements include:
a. TB skin test or screening
b. CPR
c. Criminal background check
d. Drug screen
Academic Policies – Academic Standing
Good Standing:
Students who maintain a minimum cumulative grade point
average (GPA) of 2.0 and earn a grade of C (2.0) or better in all required general
education and didactic courses and a grade of S in all required practicum/clinical
courses will be considered in good standing.
Academic Probation:
A student will be placed on probation when any of the
following conditions exist:
The cumulative GPA falls below C (2.0).
The semester GPA falls below C (2.0).
A grade below C (2.0) has been received in a required didactic course or a
grade of F has bee earned in a required practicum/clinical course.
Academic probation will be removed when all of the following conditions exist:
The cumulative GPA is C (2.0) or higher.
The semester GPA is C (2.0) or higher.
A minimum grade of C (2.0) has been received in the required didactic
courses completed, and a grade of S has been earned in the required
practicum/clinical courses completed.
All other specific conditions, if required, have been met.