After you complete your first ALEKS assessment, you will see a detailed pie chart of your topic mastery. After choosing More Detailed Report, you'll see your scores as a percentage score. Below the Placement Pie are the courses you are eligible to enroll in based on your score. For your records, print your results and write in the courses you are eligible to take based on the table below. Use this document during your orientation advising session and/or registration.

Achieving the cutoff score for your math course is a great starting point, but it does not guarantee success. You are much more likely to succeed if you are fully proficient in the skills corresponding to your Placement Pie wedges. Using the ALEKS learning modules will greatly increase your ability to succeed, saving you time and money, and ensuring long-term mathematical success.

ALEKS Scores at IU Southeast
Course Score
M101 1
M110 ALEKS Not Required
A118 ALEKS Not Required
M118 ALEKS Not Required
K300 ALEKS score 25 or higher
M129 ALEKS Not Required
T101 (Skills Assessment by Appointment in the Student Success Center, 812-941-2312) T101 Skills Assessment*
M102 ALEKS score 25 or higher
M102/M125 ALEKS score 25 or higher
M125 ALEKS score 45 or higher
M126 ALEKS score 45 or higher
M119 ALEKS score 55 or higher

The ALEKS Math Assessment ensures students' readiness for particular math courses at IU Southeast. It is important for students to begin in the course most likely to lead to success.


After taking the initial assessment, you will have the opportunity to use the learning modules in ALEKS to refresh and practice specific mathematical topics unique to your results. This will not only help you into your recommended mathematics course, but this will also make you more likely to succeed in that course. You should begin your learning modules immediately following your initial assessment. You will then have 6 weeks to use the learning modules and complete up to 4 reassessments.