Study Abroad

Recent or Currently Studying Abroad

The following students are studying, or have recently studied, abroad:

  • Cynthia Beltz (International Studies) – Summer 2018 – Costa Rica
  • Jason Smith (International Studies) – Summer 2017 – Austria
  • Marcus Dudas (Psychology) – Summer 2017 – France
  • Kelsey Hall (Psychology) – Summer 2017 – France
  • Allison Hedge (International Studies) – Summer 2017 – France
  • Sara Knoy (Psychology) – Summer 2017 – France
  • Michael Pelayo (Psychology) – Summer 2017 – France
  • Grant Durham (International Studies) – Summer 2017 – Spain
  • Mark Jallayu (Political Science) – Summer 2017 – Ecuador


Recent Alumni

  • Ryan Cannon, International Studies (Grad '16), 2016-17 Fulbright Teaching Grant to Senegal
  • Van Knopf, History (Grad ’17) Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Germany
  • Maite Somers, International Studies (Grad '17) Teaching English in South Korea

Check back often for more information on our outstanding students and their endeavors.

Scholarship Winners

Recent Awards & Scholarship Recipients

Recent award and scholarship recipients in the School of Social Sciences are:

  • Marcus Dudas (Neuroscience): IU Summer Fellowship in IU Bloomington’s Mind and Identity in Context Lab
  • Jill Recchio (Neuroscience): SMART MiND (Summer Mentoring and ResearchTraining: Methods in Neuroscience of Drug Abuse) University of Texas El Paso

Congratulations to our winners. Check back often for more information on our outstanding students and their endeavors.

Outstanding Students

2018 Outstanding Students

  • Journalism - Michael Melchor
  • History - Anthony Pachecho
  • Sociology - Kealey Vance
  • Political Science - Amanda Scarberry
  • Criminology & Criminal Justice - Danielle Hempel and Leah Holsclaw
  • International Studies - Kyle Ezell
  • Psychology - Abigail DesterAmanda Scarberry and Madison Reed (B.S.)
  • Neuroscience - Marcus Dudas and Ashley Moore

Student Awards

2018 Award Recipients - Undergraduate

Fall 2017 Student Fellowship


Faculty Sponsor
Joining the Boys' Club Haley Jackey Jennifer Oritz
Spring 2018 Student Fellowship
Title Winner Faculty Sponsor
How Does the Brain React to Social Exclusion? Abigail Dester Meghan Kahn

IU Southeast Student Conference

School of Social Sciences Award Recipients

2018 Award Recipients - Undergraduate

Chancellor's Award for Interdisciplinary Achievement
Title Winner Faculty Sponsor
The Increasing Gap Between the Public and the Police: How Media is Playing a Major Role in Public Perception of the Police Matt Purlee (Psychology) Diane Wille
The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Excellence Award
Title Winner Faculty Sponsor
Equity Sensitivity and Motivation in Academic Workplaces Nicholas Cooper (Psychology) Valerie Scott
The Outstanding Presentation related to Diversity Award
Title Winner Faculty Sponsor
Men Can Use the Kitchen, Too: Gendered Food Advertisements in Magazines Jennifer Daniel (Sociology) Veronica Medina
The Vijay Krishna Reddy Outstanding Communication Studies Award
Title Winners Faculty Sponsor
Shyness and Facebook Usage Jacob Delaney, Cody Harris (Psychology) Donna Dahlgren
The Outstanding Oral Presentation in Psychology Award
Title Winners Faculty Sponsor
Big Five Personality and Drug Preference Megan Salisbury, Tyler Dillman (Psychology) Valerie Scott
Outstanding Oral Presentation
Title Winner Faculty Sponsor
Stress Among Non-Traditional and Traditional College Students Natasha Brooks (Psychology) Valerie Scott
The Outstanding Poster Presentation in Psychology
Title Winners Faculty Sponsors
Your Brain Feels It Too! Brain Activity and Cortisol Levels Reflect Pain of Exclusion Abigail Dester,
Chelsey Blair (Neuroscience)
Meghan Kahn,
Diane Wille
Outstanding Poster Presentation
Title Winners Faculty Sponsor
Generational Drug Perspective Analysis Virginia Horsley,
Emma Layne (Psychology)
Donna Dahlgren


Co-Curricular Student Achievements

During the Fall semester (2018), the following students participated in the Indiana Consortium for International Program's Model United Nations Security Council Conference for College and University Students held at Indiana University Southeast:

  • Trevor Allen (Political Science)
  • Kat Faulkner (Political Science)
  • Melissa Scianimanico (Political Science)
  • Chandler Morris (Political Science)
  • Jonathan Cropper (Political Science)
  • Kuan Chich Wu (Business)
  • Ryan Houchin (Political Science)
  • Dylan Grant (Political Science)
  • Destiney Phillips (Political Science)
  • Kristen Fallon (Political Science)