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The future of southeast Indiana starts at Indiana University

Southeast. Our graduates will propel the growth and livelihood

of this region as they apply their talent and drive to power our

economy and strengthen education for the generations of

tomorrow. They will bring new opportunities for businesses, for

the visual and performing arts, and for communities all across

our state.

The contributions we make to southeast Indiana are vast. But to

make a true, lasting impact, we must do more. For the future of

our region, we look to you.

You can help grow our enrollment and ensure that students have

the support they need to achieve their goal of graduation. You

can help strengthen our role as a center for culture and creativity.

And you can help improve the health of our part of the state as

we work to improve the vitality of our schools and communities.

Together, we can fulfill the promise of a more vibrant region,

a stronger Indiana, and a better world for all.