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Our campus serves as a regional hub for the visual

and performing arts—welcoming the members of

our community and offering them unique cultural

experiences. And while our efforts certainly seek to

broaden horizons and push forward new ideas, we

must also continue to honor and preserve our history.

Right now, one of the most remarkable ways we can

do this is through the James L. Russell Wonderland

Way Collection, named after the man who founded the

Wonderland Way Art Club in New Albany over 100 years

ago. Though the club itself was short-lived, the name

now describes a group of influential artists from the area

who frequented Russell’s gallery and framing shop in the

first decades of the 20th century.

Russell’s granddaughter, Kathy Russell Smith, and

her husband, Don Smith, have spearheaded efforts

to save and preserve pieces from former Wonderland

Way artists, and in doing so, to protect a portion of

our region’s heritage. Their greater aspiration is to

make these works of art a permanent collection at IU

Southeast, housed at the Paul W. Ogle Cultural and

Community Center.

Your support can ensure that this important part of our

culture will be secured and remain on exhibit for many

years to come.


Our students, faculty, and staff are overflowing with

creative energy, and their contributions to society take

many forms. For example, each year, the Ogle Center

partners with the students in the Theatre Department

on campus to provide free performances for youth

in the southern Indiana community as a part of their

annual children’s series.

And the most recent work of Tiffany Carbonneau,

assistant professor of fine arts, centers on projecting

original video on vacant architectural structures

in New Albany. Achieved with the help of fine arts

majors, the work allows her to explore the local effects

of global systems.

By bringing our students together with faculty to work

on major creative and cultural projects, we equip

themwith the motivation and know-how to invest in a

community. We also create appealing experiences for

local residents, while attracting and inspiring those from

other areas. However, initiatives like these can come with

a significant price tag. With your help, we can continue

to expand arts engagement, benefiting the world in our

own backyard and better preparing the next wave of

collectors, curators, performers, and artists.

Together, we can advance the arts and culture

in southern Indiana and prepare those who will

carry forward these indispensable expressions of

our humanity.

“The arts convey who we are as a society and who we

aspire to be. They enrich our lives, our minds, and our

souls. IU Southeast engages our community by providing

professional student productions and free quality arts

experiences to thousands of children each year.”

—Kirk Randolph

Director, Paul W. Ogle Cultural and Community Center