M.S.Ed. Elementary Education Concentrations

Students may choose to add a concentration in an area of specialization to their master's degree.

M.S. Ed. Elementary Education checkseet

All programs require 36 credit hours. Students may choose to add a concentration in an area of specialization to their master’s degree—within the same 36 credit hours.

Educational Leadership

This concentration prepares you to take on leadership roles in your school, district, or other educational organization by focusing on the specific challenges the next generation of education leaders will face.


This concentration consists of 21 hours of specialized coursework blending classroom instruction and clinical experience either locally or internationally.

Gifted and Talented

This concentration gives teachers the specialized knowledge they need to address the unique needs and abilities of this student population, with 15 hours of coursework in the area.


This concentration provides 30 hours of graduate-level coursework for in-depth knowledge of music educational content, as well an understanding of theories relating to pedagogy and learning. A significant portion of graduate coursework may be taken as applied study, ie. instrumental or vocal lessons.


This concentration, consisting of 15 credit hours blending coursework and practicums, helps teachers expand their expertise in this critical learning area and succeed in the classroom or as a reading coach.

Special Education

This concentration consists of 27 credit-hours in courses reflecting a comprehensive approach to building skills that enable teachers to address the scholastic needs of students with mental, emotional, learning and other differences or disabilities.


Teachers complete 15 credit hours of specialized coursework focused on integrating technology into the classroom, with classes ranging from computer-based teaching methods to workshops in the use of multimedia in instructional design.