Condo - HOA Management

Indiana University Southeast offers the online-only five-course certificate for the new CSM designation which stands for Chartered Shared-Expense Housing Manager.

The IU Southeast School of Business is home to this first-of-its-kind offering for University level training for Condo/HOA Managers.

Earning your CSM Designation in Condo/HOA Management, with an Indiana University Certificate Diploma helps you gain trust and respect from your condo/HOA clients.


  • University Training Credibility with your Clients: A University Certificate Diploma helps you gain trust and respect from your condo/HOA property management clients.
  • Affordable Cost: $416 per full-semester online class.
  • Convenience of online only classes: Are you a working adult with kids or on a tight schedule? If so, online learning is perfect for you.


Course 1: Intro to Condo/HOA Property Management

  • Definition of terms, including Reserve Studies
  • Time Management & Personal Organization
  • Organizing Data for being Proactive
  • Manager as a Respected Leader of the Community
  • Vocabulary of Building Mechanical Systems
  • Major Repairs & Renovations
  • Relationships with a Network of Trusted Vendors
  • Project Management

Course 2: Mastery in Communications: the foundation of your relationships

  • Interpersonal Communication & Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Trust as a Leader
  • Better Business Writing: Engage readers, Tighten and brighten, Make your case
  • Writing a Meeting Agenda & Meeting Minutes
  • Group Communications: Newsletters, E-Newsletters and the Power of Photography to tell your story
  • Persuading & Explaining Complex Issues
  • Responses for Common Complaints
  • Delivering Praise, Delivering Bad News

Course 3: Dealing with and leading people: difficult to wonderful

  • Five Categories of Owners, grouped from 'Most Difficult' to "Agreeable & Leaders'
  • Leading Psychology Personality Theory: Big Five + One
  • Personality Types and How to Deal with them, including:
  • Narcissistic Personality Type
  • Borderline Personaliy Type
  • Antisocial or Sociopath Personality Type
  • Suspicious and Paranoid Personality Type
  • Accusatory, your Base of Support in Agreeable, Quiet or Leader Types

Course 4: Legal Issues and Enforcement in Condos and HOAs

  • CC&Rs, Master Deeds, By-Laws and House Rules
  • Drafting Rules that follow Human Nature and Nature Help with Obtaining Buy-In
  • Enforcement and Ramping Up Penalties
  • Condo Sales and Seller Certificates
  • Threatening Behavior
  • Debt Collection
  • Voting & Elections
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Pet & Parking Policies
  • Construction Defects

Course 5: Financial Planning to Calm the Waters

  • Budget Creation
  • Reviewing Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and other Key Data
  • Board Treasurer Duties & Your Relationship with herhim
  • Insurance Agent Duties & Your Relationship with her/him
  • Buying Insurance: A Primer
  • CPA Firm Duties & Your Relationship with her/him
  • Banker Duties & Your Relationship with her/him
  • Bookkeeper Duties & Your Relationship up with them
  • Reserve Study Provider & Your Relationship with her/him
  • Communicating Financial Data to Owners

Course Instructor and Creator

Patrick Hohman has been a volunteer condo board member for 30 years at his home in Louisville, Kentucky and has served as part-time site manager at another condo association. He has taught condo/HOA volunteer board members at Bellarmine University in Louisville since 2005. He is author of Condos Townhomes and Home Owner Associations: How to make your investment safer.