Enhanced Active Learning Classrooms

Crestview Hall, Room 211

  • Mersive Solstice
  • Moveable Chairs
  • Moveable Tables

Hillside Hall, Room 105

  • Mersive Solstice
  • Learn To chairs

Hillside Hall, Room 208

  • Mersive Solstice
  • "Move" chairs
  • Large white corkboards for student work/project display
  • White boards

Knobview Hall, Room 014A

  • Mersive Solstice

Knobview Hall, Room 101

  • Mersive Solstice
  • Learn To Chair with swinging tablets (configurable to collaborative work group tables)

These updated classrooms have been enhanced using input from Mosaic Fellows to support active learning.

The rooms feature Mersive Solstice, a wireless display option that allows students to share media, photos, and other materials remotely.

These classrooms also feature flexible learning configurations, including movable pods and chairs.

Additionally, whiteboards and cork boards in these rooms facilitate opportunities for students to share ideas and work collaboratively.