A major in history is an excellent foundation for graduate study in history, law, the humanities and social sciences. History majors have found rewarding careers in research and writing, business, public history, teaching, journalism, banking, and government service. In the public sector, local, state and federal governments frequently employ graduates who have majored in history.

Internship Information

In addition to providing our students with the best training in historical studies in a friendly and supportive environment, we care about our students’ future as young professionals. We have established numerous internship opportunities in archives, museums, and other educational organizations located in Southern Indiana and the Louisville Metro area that will allow our students to gain hands-on experience in a variety of career paths and to foster their connections with potential future employers.

Entering the Job Market with a BA in History

The American Historical Association has several useful resources for students looking to find more information about career options. The AHA’s Careers for History Majors describes the many professional opportunities available to students of history. Their ongoing blog series “What to Do with a BA in History” is an even more useful tool where you can learn about the experiences of former history majors and sources of information for your job searches.

For more detailed and extensive information regarding careers involving this major, please refer to the Career Development Center.