Program Overview

Welcome to the History Program at IU Southeast. History is the investigation of change and continuity in human societies over time. Historical study aims to understand the past in order to better understand the present. Studying history creates a trained habit of thinking in the long term and integrating a multi-disciplinary approach to the past by studying politics, society, the economy, arts, and other intellectual and cultural facets of the human experience. History is both a study of humanities and a social science. It addresses the study of individuals and the broader society, teaching you to shift your focus back and forth between the two, evaluating issues in context.

The skills and knowledge acquired in the History major at IU Southeast prepare students for success. Like other liberal arts disciplines, history sharpens your ability to think critically, argue logically, conduct research, analyze data, and communicate clearly, both orally and in writing. The coursework in history is excellent preparation for entering the professional world or graduate school.

The History program has an outstanding faculty with years of teaching experience and research expertise in the history of the United States, Latin America, Asia, and Europe. We are committed to student success and pride ourselves in the quality of our work and our dedication to excellence in our program. History classes at IU Southeast are generally small and students will benefit from close mentorship. In addition, the 100-percent B.A. provides the same quality while offering students the opportunity to leverage the expertise and perspectives of faculty at multiple IU campuses.

The IU Southeast History Program supports the IUS Institute for Local and Oral History. The institute promotes the study and practice of local and oral history including by offering workshops on how to conduct oral histories, encouraging student internships at local historical organizations, and sponsoring a speakers series on campus. For more information, visit the Local and Oral History website.

Willard and Ruth Findling International Study Scholarship

It is the intent of the donors, and the Foundation agrees, that income from this gift be used to support undergraduate scholarships for the purpose of encouraging overseas study by students of IU Southeast. Recipients must participate in an IU-approved credit-bearing, overseas study program as part of an educational experience. The scholarship is not renewable. Preference will be given to students who are majoring in History and planning for a full-year of overseas study. The number, amount, and recipients of the Scholarship will be determined by the appropriate Scholarship Committee of IU Southeast.

For more information about opportunities to study abroad, visit the Study Abroad website.

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