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Page Background

Rejected Offer

When an offer is rejected, the search committee may go

back to the candidates it has already interviewed and

reevaluate the substitute candidates. If an offer is to be

made to a candidate who has already been interviewed, a


Request to Recommend Appointment

can be routed

for approval for that candidate.

If there is no interest in any of the other candidates

interviewed for a faculty appointment, a new Interview

Request eDoc must be initiated to obtain approval to


For professional/bi-weekly appointments, contact Human


Background Check

The academic unit or department is responsible for

submission of background forms to Academic Affairs or

Human Resources for faculty or staff positions. Hiring is

contingent upon the receipt of an acceptable background

check, and completion of I-9 verification.

Failed Search

If a search committee is unable to achieve an accepted

offer, the search has failed. A failed academic search

may be reopened without re-advertising the position

within the same academic year. It may be reopened

within two years by re-advertising the position. If the

search fails after two years a new search will need to be

initiated. Please contact the Office of Equity & Diversity

when reopening a search to make sure you continue to

comply with equal opportunity guidelines.

Non-U.S. Citizen Offers

Contact International Services about the H-1B visa

packet when you know the successful candidate is a

non-U.S. citizen. It is the responsibility of the

hiring department to apply for the visa and pay the

fees for this service. International Services can

provide you with the visa packet, answer any

questions you or the candidate may have, and assist

you in completing and filing the required forms.

Because visa processing can take from five to six

months, it is important to start working with

International Services early. Contact them at (812)


Other Appointment Issues

The Office of Academic Affairs can assist you with

actually appointing the successful candidate and

seeing that he or she is paid on time.

Contact Human Resources for questions regarding

staff appointment issues.