Together We'll Grow

Diversifying Tomorrow's Teachers Together

Together We'll Grow puzzle piecesWith the help of partner school districts, "Together We'll Grow" will create a pipeline for recruiting underrepresented high school students in all areas of diversity, including ethnicity, race and socioeconomic status in preparation for teaching careers.
"Together We’ll Grow" is a student outreach program with the primary focus of addressing the persistent under-enrollment of minority students in teacher education programs and the shortage of minority teachers in Southern Indiana P-12 schools.
School leaders around the country are trying to find solutions to the critical shortage of minority educators that persist in their districts by addressing the following:

  • How can we create a culturally diverse teacher workforce in our school district?
  • How can we better prepare high school students from low-income communities and first generation students to be college ready?

Teacher Cadets in the “Together We’ll Grow” program will be given tools, skills and support to aid in their success toward a teacher education career.

Together We'll Grow is powered by the 3 C's.

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Program Overview

  • Students are invited to participate in “Teacher Spirit Day”: A celebration of the teaching profession with faculty and staff from IU Southeast and the partner school.
  • Students interested in participating in the program will complete a survey and be led through a series of one-on-one interviews conducted by faculty and staff members from IU Southeast and the partner school.
  • Teacher Cadet high school students will engage and participate in a 3-credit hour course, “Education Professions I and II,” and are eligible to receive dual credit through the IU Southeast School of Education.
  • Teacher Cadets will participate in “Teacher Education Day” at IU Southeast in preparation for acclimating to collegiate life.
  • A mentoring program for teacher cadets is provided by IU Southeast School of Education students and high school faculty members.
  • High school seniors complete the college application process for IU Southeast.
  • Once committed to IU Southeast, students will participate in a summer "Bridge Program" including:
    • Core Academic Skills Assessment (CASA) Test Readiness workshop.
    • Time Management workshop.
    • Transitioning to College workshop.

Stage 1 - Commitment

Phase 1
Program Launching: Also known as "Teacher Spirit Day,” a celebration of the teaching profession by faculty and staff from IU Southeast and the partner school. Identification of student participants and eligible high school education course(s).

Phase 2
Advance College Project (ACP) application completed by high school course instructor for EDUC-F200, “Examining Self as Teacher.”

Phase 3
IU Southeast faculty, in collaboration with designated staff from the high school, will conduct the screening of interested students consisting of a questionnaire and focused interview.

Phase 4
Training of the high school instructor of record for the F200 course at Indiana University in Bloomington.

Phase 5
At IU Southeast, “Examining Self as Teacher,” a 3-credit hour course, will be created for the Teacher Cadet students for dual credit. The course is called “Education Professions I and II” in most high schools.

Stage 2 - Comprehensive Intervention

Phase 6
"Teacher Education Day" at IUS to acquaint the high school students with college life.

Phase 7
Mentoring by IUS students and high school faculty. High school seniors complete a college application.

Phase 8
A summer "bridge program" for the high school students who have committed to attend IU Southeast will include a boot camp to assist in preparation for Core Academic Skills Assessment (CASA) tests, time management and any other skill-based courses to enhance student transition into college and into education as a major. Students are encouraged to take the ACT in their junior or senior year. They need 24 points on the ACT to be exempt from CASA.

Stage 3 - Closing the Loop

Students who complete the program and graduate with a degree in Education will return to the school districts, creating a more diverse teacher education workforce.

The First Cohort

The first "Together We'll Grow" cohort comprised of 22 student from Jeffersonville High School. Below is some of the demographic data.

Cohort Gender
Student Diversity
ACT Average Scores
Socio-Economic Status

None of this would be possible if it weren't for the commitment of our school corporation partners.

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