Dr. Uric Dufrene

Dr. Dufrene serves as Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, responsible for the quality, development, coordination, and promotion of all academic and non-credit programs and courses on the campus. He is also responsible for faculty personnel matters, for periodic review of academic programs, and for assessment of student learning and institutional effectiveness. He oversees the development and use of learning resources, including the library. Along with the associate vice chancellor and the dean for research, he develops programs to improve teaching and learning, to encourage and support faculty research and creative work, and to promote the cultural and intellectual growth of the academic community.

Dr. Dufrene is also a Professor of Finance and Sanders Chair in Business.

Annette Wyandotte

Dr. Wyandotte is currently serving as Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. She is an Associate Professor of English who earned her B.A. from Hillsdale College, her M.A. from Ohio University, as well as a Juris Doctor from Indiana University Indianapolis. She subsequently earned a Ph.D. in English specializing in composition and rhetoric from Ball State University. Since coming to IU Southeast in 1992, Dr. Wyandotte has also participated in the Writing Program Administration and served as Dean of the School of Arts and Letters.

Diane Wille

Dr. Wille serves as the Dean for Research at IU Southeast. Her position provides oversight to ensure that the rights and welfare of research subjects are in accordance with University policies as well as federal regulations and guidelines. The welfare of human subjects is secured by the Institutional Research Board for the Protection of Human Subjects; the welfare of animal subjects is secured by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. Both of these report directly to the Dean for Research.