The Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is the chief academic officer of the campus and is accountable to the Chancellor for the quality, development, coordination and promotion of all academic and noncredit programs and courses on the campus. He has overall responsibility for periodic review of academic programs and general education, and for regular assessment of student academic achievement and institutional effectiveness.

The Executive Vice Chancellor oversees the recruitment, selection, evaluation, compensation, promotion, tenure, termination, granting of leaves, and assignments of faculty and other academic personnel. The Executive Vice Chancellor recommends allocation of resources to the academic units and support departments, and supervises their budgets.

Along with the Associate Vice Chancellor, he oversees the development and utilization of learning resources, develops programs to improve the quality of teaching and learning, encourages and supports faculty research and creative work, and promotes the cultural and intellectual growth of the academic community. The Executive Vice Chancellor oversees the following units and programs:

In addition, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs oversees the following units: