Message from the Executive Vice Chancellor

The core purpose of a university is learning, and at its best, a university is a community of learners. To learn is to be changed and the deeper and more profound the learning is, the more significant is the change.

Students come to the university to learn from the accumulated store of human knowledge, as well as to learn the intellectual skills and habits that serve as the basis for their engagement as productive citizens and for their ongoing learning. Faculty members are certainly facilitators of student learning but in very important ways are also learners in their own right, as they engage in purposeful teaching and in scholarly and creative work. Administrators and staff must also be learners as they tackle their essential role of creating and maintaining an environment that effectively supports the learning of students and faculty.

Our overarching goal in the Office of Academic Affairs is to sustain and enhance the community of learning at IU Southeast and to help us in our own learning, we welcome constructive dialog with all members of the IU Southeast community.