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This concentration focuses on influence of gender and sexuality on human behavior, culture, and society. Students explore aspects of gender as they relate to class, race, age, sexual orientation, and ethnicity in order to better understand issues relating to women and gender.

M.I.S. Requirements (13 credit hours)
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
IDIS-D 501 Humanities Seminar 3-4
IDIS-D 502 Social Sciences Seminar 3-4
IDIS-D 503 Natural Sciences Seminar 3-4
IDIS-D 510 Intro to Graduate Liberal Studies 4

Concentration requirements (18 credit hours)

Eighteen of the 34 hours required for the M.I.S. degree must have a gender focus. Of these 18 hours, six are for the graduate project, which must have a gender theme. The remaining 12 hours may be obtained in several ways. The following courses are associated with the women and gender studies program:

Concentration requirements (18 credit hours)
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
IDIS-D 511/FINA-A 490 Topics in Art History: Feminism and Visual Culture 3
IDIS-D 511/PHIL-P 314 History of Modern Philsophy 3
IDIS-D 511/PHIL-P 394 Feminist Philosophy 3
IDIS-D 511/WOST-W 200 Introduction to Women's Studies 3
IDIS-D 512/LTSU-L 385 Class, Race, Gender and Work 3
IDIS-D 512/PSY-B 388 Human Sexuality 3
IDIS-D 512/PSY-P 460 The Psychology of Women 3
IDIS-D 512/SOC-R 220 The Family 3
IDIS-D 512/SOC-R 320 Sexuality and Society 3
IDIS-D 512/SOC-R 463 Inequality and Society 3
IDIS-D 512/SOC-S 308 Global Society 3