MIS Core Competencies

  • Identification of the interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and international nature of the topic.
  • Scholarly level knowledge through reading of primary (research and creative works) and secondary texts (critical, historical, and theoretical treatises).
  • Extensive, critical, and constructive student participation in class discussion.
  • Ability to do graduate level critical and analytical thinking, including:
    • Finding, analyzing, and evaluating important concepts
    • Evaluating quality and accuracy of evidence
    • Identifying and critically evaluating intellectual and cultural/contextual issues
    • Demonstrating awareness of multiple approaches and their validity
    • Developing one’s own critical approach based on knowledge of the field
  • Ability to synthesize information from multiple approaches to examine complex issues.
  • Completion of individual graduate level written and oral communication of learning:
    • Written papers that present critical and synthetic analysis of the topic
    • Oral presentations that convey the central tenets and specific issues

Adopted: 27 February 2008

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