This concentration provides direct training and experience in the art and science of teaching at the college level, balanced with sufficient (i.e., 18 credit hours) graduate-level course work in a particular field. A master’s degree is unlikely to provide sufficient educational background for a tenure-track position, but it can open the door to serving as an instructor or adjunct at a 4-year college/university or as a full-time instructor at a community college or junior college. (Note that matching the focus of this concentration with your undergraduate major will increase the chances of being selected to teach at the college level.)

M.I.S. Requirements (13 credit hours)
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
IDIS-D 501 Humanities Seminar 3-4
IDIS-D 502 Social Sciences Seminar 3-4
IDIS-D 503 Natural Sciences Seminar 3-4
IDIS-D 510 Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies 4
Concentration Requirements (15 credit hours)
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
IDIS-D 591 Graduate Workshop on Teaching 1.5
IDIS-D 550 Teaching Assistant 1.5
Enough additional credit hours in a single field to achieve 15 total elective hours

Thesis project (tapping at least 2 schools) Teaching dossier