This concentration provides people working in organizations in various capacities the skills needed to succeed and advance. Students will gain skills in oral and written communication, leadership and management, negotiation, teamwork, critical thinking, and research. Courses include business, communication studies, and psychological perspectives on behavior in organizations and methods of addressing human resources related problems. This concentration should appeal to students who would like to develop a professional skill set that is broad both in content and application.

M.I.S. Requirements (13 credit hours)
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
IDIS-D 501 Humanities Seminar 3-4
IDIS-D 502 Social Sciences Seminar 3-4
IDIS-D 503 Natural Sciences Seminar 3-4
IDIS-D 510 Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies 4
Concentration Requirements (15 credit hours)
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
IDIS-D 512
PSY-B 378
Introduction to Industrial Psychology 3
IDIS-D 512
ENG-W 331
or PSY-P512
Business & Administrative Writing or PSY-P 512 Grant Writing 3
IDIS-D 512
SPCH-S 440
Organizational Communication 3
IDIS-D 512
BUS-W 320
Leadership and Ethics 3
One elective* 3
Thesis Requirement (6 credit hours)
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
IDIS-D 601 Graduate Project/Thesis 3
IDIS-D 602 Graduate Project/Thesis 3

*Elective: Students will choose from a variety of courses that allow them to give their degrees a particular vocational focus. For example, students who would like to know more about Human Resources Management can take either IDIS-D512/BUS-Z441 (Wage and Salary Administration) or IDIS-D512/BUS-Z445 (Human Resource Selection). Although IDIS-D512/BUS-Z440 (Personnel-Human Resource Management) is a prerequisite for these courses, faculty have agreed that IDIS-D512/PSY-B378 (required for the concentration) can serve as an equivalent course.