The distance between natural sciences and the humanities can seem insurmountable. The proposed concentration aims to counteract that illusion by explicitly combining natural sciences and humanities content and approaches within a single curriculum. The fields of medical humanities and health humanities have existed since the 1960s. They can be defined as using the approaches of the humanities to interpret science and medicine and using the approaches of science and medicine to interpret literature and the arts. The aim is to bridge the apparent gulf between science and experience.

M.I.S. Requirements (13 credit hours)
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
IDIS-D 501 Humanities Seminar 3-4
IDIS-D 502 Social Sciences Seminar 3-4
IDIS-D 503 Natural Sciences Seminar 3-4
IDIS-D 510 Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies 4
Concentration Requirements (15 credit hours)
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
IDIS-D 511/PHIL-P 393 Bioethics 3
IDIS-D 512/PSY-P 303 Health Psychology 3
IDIS-D 512/SOC-S 314 Sociology of Health & Medicine 3
Select two of the following:
IDIS-D 512/EDUC-Q 550 Science, Technology and Society for a Changing World 3
IDIS-D 511/ENG-L 373 Interdisciplinary Approaches to English and American Literature 3
IDIS-D 511/ENG-L 378 Studies in Women and Literature 3
IDIS-D 503 Science and Science Fiction 3
IDIS-D 503 Science and Philosophy of Yoga 3
IDIS-D 503 Evolutionary Psychology 3
IDIS-D 513/NURS-K 301 Arts & Sciences of Complementary Therapies 3
IDIS-D 512/PSY-P 305 Psychology and Cultures 3
Thesis Requirement (6 credit hours)
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
IDIS-D 601 Graduate Project/Thesis 3
IDIS-D 602 Graduate Project/Thesis 3