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What can the Career Development Center do for you?

We have several options for you to incorporate career planning into your courses. Each section highlights opportunities for students to connect with Career Development staff and resources. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Class/Organization Presentations

Make a request for our staff to present one of the following topics to your class or organization:

  • First Year Seminar (60 minutes)
    The key to choosing a career is not in the major you choose, but in the unique skills, interests, and connections you develop while still in school. The Career Development Center will showcase a variety of career information from assessments to exploratory tools to help students define their career path.
  • Internship Program Info Session (15 minutes)
    What is the key to finding a career post-graduation? Internships help students explore their field of interest and gain much needed experience. The Career Development Center will walk students through internship search strategies, requirements, and options for registering for-credit and/or non-credit internships.
  • Effective Resume Writing and Interview Techniques (30 minutes)
    Students will learn effective ways to display their skills to meet the position qualifications and get the interview!
  • Online Professional Etiquette (30 minutes)
    Career Development takes a look at what behaviors are appropriate for emails, online networking, and job searching. We will take a look at how to use social media and how to build your online brand successfully.
  • LinkedIn Lab (45 minutes)
    During this interactive lab experience students will create or refine their LinkedIn profile with the help of Career Development Staff. Students will also learn how to use their LinkedIn account for successful networking and job searching.
  • Career Assessment Presentation (60 minutes)
    This presentation offers the opportunity for students to take an online career assessment with results interpreted in class by a Career Development staff member. Please note that this will need to be scheduled one semester in advance as a fee is associated with the assessment.*

*Faculty will need to schedule class in a computer lab the day of the presentation. If the class is 10 students or less, it can be held in the Career Innovation Lab, UC 188.

Employer & Alumni Specialized Events

Make a request for a specialized event for your class or organization using our web form. You have the option of choosing an academic major specific event, please just make a note on the web form.

  • Alumni and Employer Workshop (45 - 60 minutes)
    We hand the reins over to employers to discuss strategies and best practices for their career fields. Choose an employer or industry of choice and we’ll make it happen.
  • Employer Mock Interview (30 minute interviews)
    Give students the opportunity to practice interview skills with employers in their field. Let’s talk about the possibilities!
  • Major and Career Exploration Panels
    1. During your class session/org meeting OR
    2. A conference room panel presentation during class breaks 12:15 - 1:15 p.m. or 4:15 - 5:15 p.m.. Requires 6 weeks to plan and schedule.
  • The Career Development Center will set up a panel of employers, alumni and/or interns to speak on career-related topics in your field of choice.

Class Assignments

Partnering with the Career Development Center on career-focused class assignments is a great way to expose students to our staff and resources before they graduate from IU Southeast. See some sample topics below, or let us know if you need help planning an assignment.

  • Career Planning
    Use our 4 Year Career Plan to help students set career goals for their time at IU Southeast.
  • Job Search Strategies
    Check out our Job Search resources and LinkedIn to help students understand how to network and look for jobs prior to/after graduation.
  • Career Exploration
    Students can use our Research Careers page and online personality and interest assessments to learn more about careers.
  • Resume Review
    Have students use our resume resources to construct and update their own resume and/or cover letter.
  • Mock Interview
    Assign students to complete an online mock interview using their CareerLink account and you or Career Development staff can review the interview for content and feedback. Questions about access to the software? Email us at for more information.

Extra Credit Opportunities

Career Development Events
The Career Development Center offers opportunities for students to attend events.

Submit a request to Cathy Denton at for extra credit and we will ensure that you receive a report of attending students at the end of the semester.

One-on-One Appointments
For students who are unable to attend events, they can sign up for one-on-one appointments with a Career Development Center staff member.

Link to Appointment Scheduler