Fee-Based Career Assessments

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  • Strong Interest Inventory – In-depth assessment that matches interests to possible careers, majors, campus clubs, and college courses. This assessment explores unique learning and leadership styles.
  • Strengthsfinder – Created by the well-known Gallup organization, this assessment helps to discover strengths and shows how to leverage them in everyday life.

Free Career Assessments

  • Traitify Assessment – (Formerly Woofound) All visual assessment that recommends careers and majors based on personality, interests, and values.
  • 16 Personalities – Measures personality and tells who you are and why you do the things the way you do. This assessment will tell more about your strengths and weakness, as well as show how your personality affects your relationships, friendships, career paths, and workplace habits.
  • Interest Profiler – Created by ONET and Department of Labor, uses Holland Codes to describe interests and recommend possible careers.
  • Career Interests and Work Values Assessment – Receive an interest profile and a tailored list of career options based on your blend of interests and values.
  • The Match Game – Self-select up to three Holland Codes and review matching majors and careers.

Personality Types and the Job Search Process