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Interview Styles

Recruiters employ various techniques when interviewing candidates. Traditional interviewing typically focuses on a candidate’s personality traits while behavioral interviewing has as its focus past job performance as it relates to the current position. Candidates must be prepared for either type of interview situation.

Types of Interviews

The employee selection process often includes a variety of interviews beginning with a phone interview to screen out candidates all the way through to the selection interview which is used to select the successful candidate. Another type of interview which is conducted by the candidate is Informational Interviewing. This type of interview is used by the candidate to gather information for career decision-making or to explore employers or industries for career information. The Informational Interview is not used for employment purposes.

Employer Research

Employers are interested in interviewing and hiring good candidates. One essential component of being a good candidate is having an understanding of the employer.

On-Campus Interviewing

Some employers prefer to interview candidates on our campus. Interview rooms are provided for the employers’ convenience within in the Career Development Center Office suite. The links below answer a variety of questions concerning this program.