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CDC Internship Module

I want to find an Internship

Your search for an internship should begin at least one semester prior to your desired start time. Internship opportunities can be found on the CareerLink job board as well as other job search sites.

Meet with your career coach

To get started on your search, set up an appointment to meet with your career coach. Appointments can be in-person, over the phone or virtual.

I want to see if my job or Internship Qualifies

Your current position or internship may qualify if it is a new position or recent promotion, you are working on a special project, or you have recently taken on new responsibilities.

Keep in mind that an internship must be related to your major and/or your future career plans. The position cannot be more than 30% clerical. Also, keep in mind that the number of internship credit hours earned is based on the number of work hours devoted per week to the new project/position/job duties.

Submit paperwork and meet with your career coach