References are often required during the employment search. Most employers will request references toward the end of the search, so there’s no need to include them on or with your resume unless specifically requested. When requested, list at least three people who know you well and who are willing to be positive references for you. Be sure to obtain permission from each person you plan to use. Tell them what kinds of positions you are seeking and finally, as a courtesy, be certain to provide each of your references with a copy of your resume so they have accurate information to pass along to the employer.

Do not use relatives, personal friends, or students as references. Be sure to select references who are knowledgeable, articulate, and who can speak and write clearly. They will be representing you to the prospective employer.

Reference List Example

Gus Grenadier

City, State
Phone Number


Dr. Albert Smith
Professor of Biology
Indiana University Southeast
4201 Grant Line Road
New Albany, IN 47150
Work: (812) 941-1234

Mr. John Doe
Supervisor, Office Max
2222 Highway 131
Clarksville, IN 47129
Work: (812) 555-5555

Mr. Leonard Brown
Rotary Club President
1234 Red Lane
New Albany, IN 47150
Work: (812) 222-2222


  • All contact information MUST be approved for release by the reference; NEVER list someone as a reference without his or her approval.
  • Send your completed resume to your references so they are aware of all of your experience, education, and activities. Check the telephone numbers and email addresses of your references frequently; these often change.
  • Be sure to keep your references informed regarding your job search progress and thank them for their assistance.
  • Use the same format (font and heading) for your resume, cover letter, and reference sheet
  • Supply your list of references upon request, not along with your initial resume submission unless specifically asked.

Indiana University Southeast

4201 Grant Line Rd.
New Albany, IN 47150
(812) 941-2333

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