The insights you’ve gained as a teacher afford you a unique understanding of the challenges students, schools, and administrators face.

Our M.S. Ed. Program offers a concentration in educational leadership that prepares you to take on leadership roles in your school, district, or other educational organization. The program requires 36-credit hours of graduate level work.
The coursework focuses on the specific challenges the next generation of education leaders will face. Build upon your classroom experiences to develop innovative solutions that will build stronger organizations that serve students, teachers, and staff more effectively.

It meets the required accreditation outcomes, prepares candidates with required research skills, guarantees that curriculum needs are met and adds the recognition of a concentration in educational leadership to the M.S.Ed. degree.

Required Courses

Core Courses
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
EDUC-H 520 Education and Social Issues (section for Educational Leadership) 3
EDUC-P 507 Assessment in Schools 3
EDUC-J 500 Instruction in Context of Curriculum 3
EDUC-A 590 Research in Educational Leadership 3
Educational Leadership Courses
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
EDUC-A 500 Introduction to Educational Leadership 3
EDUC-A 510 School and Community Relations 3
EDUC-A 608 Legal Perspectives on Education 3
EDUC-A 635 Public School Budgeting and Accounting 3
EDUC-A 625 Administration of the Elementary School 3
EDUC-A 627 Supervision of Secondary Schools 3
EDUC-A 638 Public School Personnel Management 3
EDUC-A 695 Practicum in School Administration (3 one-hour sections) 3



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