M.S.Ed. Secondary Education Concentrations

Students can choose to add a concentration in an area of specialization to their master's degree.

All programs require 36 credit hours. Students may choose to add a concentration in an area of specialization to their master’s degree—within the same 36 credit hours.

Under the Master of Science in Secondary Education degree, we also offer concentrations which lead to an additional teaching license. Learn more about the concentrations.

Composition Studies

This concentration prepares students for teaching and administrative positions at the secondary level and consists of 20 hours of specialized coursework.

Educational Leadership

This concentration prepares you to take on leadership roles in your school, district, or other educational organization by focusing on the specific challenges the next generation of education leaders will face.


Students will develop an understanding of the importance of language in relation to learning, and the role of communication. Courses will focus on theory, rhetoric, and writing, among others.


This concentration consists of 21 hours of specialized coursework blending classroom instruction and clinical experience either locally or internationally.

Gifted and Talented

This concentration gives teachers the specialized knowledge they need to address the unique needs and abilities of this student population, with 15 hours of coursework in the area.


The coursework focuses on teaching the advanced methods and skills of historians through classes on the modern world with special courses in U.S., European, Latin American and Chinese history.

Language & Literature

Coursework for this concentration focuses on writing and composition, and the history of the English language. It consists of 20 hours of specialized coursework.


This concentration enhances the student’s understanding of literature and can serve as a stepping stone for doctoral studies in literature.


The coursework focuses on teaching advanced methods and skills in mathematics through special courses in areas such as analysis, algebra, geometry, application, statistics and more.


This concentration focuses on teaching advanced methods and skills in psychology through special courses in developmental psychology, organizational psychology, group behavior and more.


This concentration, consisting of 15 credit hours blending coursework and practicums, helps teachers expand their expertise in this critical learning area and succeed in the classroom or as a reading coach.

Special Education

This concentration consists of 27 credit-hours in courses reflecting a comprehensive approach to building skills that enable teachers to address the scholastic needs of students with mental, emotional, learning and other differences or disabilities.


Teachers complete 15 credit hours of specialized coursework focused on integrating technology into the classroom, with classes ranging from computer-based teaching methods to workshops in the use of multimedia in instructional design.