Are you a high school teacher looking to boost your qualifications to teach English as a New Language/English as a Second Language?

Our M.S.Ed. program offers a concentration in ENL/ESL that provides coursework for high school teachers seeking to enhance their knowledge and understanding of this growing and vitally important field.

The concentration consists of 30 hours of coursework that focuses on both technical aspects of ENL/ESL instruction and wider cultural issues that offer context for understanding the classroom environment. In addition, field experience will acquaint students with the realities of this rewarding work.

This degree program includes the coursework necessary for a license addition in Teaching English Learners (or Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). It also includes the coursework necessary for Indiana teachers to serve as "EL Teacher of Record."

Required Courses

Core Courses - 12 credit hours
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
EDUC-H 520 Education and Social Issues 3
EDUC-P 507 Assessment in Schools 3
EDUC-J 500 Instruction in Context of Curriculum 3
EDUC-S 590 Research in Secondary Education 3

For a degree checksheet associated with the ENL/ESL concentration, please contact the School of Education at

ENL/ESL Courses - 18 credit hours
Dept./Course # Title Credit Hours
EDUC-L 539 Language Foundation for ESL/EFL 3
EDUC-L 502 Socio‐Psycholinguistics Application to Reading Instruction 3
EDUC-L 524 Language Issues in Bi- and Multi-Lingual Education 3
EDUC-L 540 ESL/EFL Instruction and Assessment Approaches 3
EDUC-M 501 Local Clinical Experience in ENL: Observations 1
EDUC-M 501 Local Clinical Experience in ENL: Teaching 2
EDUC-H 553 Travel Study 2
Choose also one of the courses below:
EDUC-L 541 Writing Instruction for TESL Teachers 3
EDUC-L 546 Mentorship and Literacy Coaching of EFL/ESL Teaching 3
EDUC-L 547 Language Policy and Planning 3
Other course approved by advisor


For advising information contact Dr. Donna Albrecht.


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Dr. Donna Albrecht

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Coordinator of ENL/ESL Programs

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